Fleet / Courier
Fleet / Courier

Outbound mail service

Pittsburgh Mailing can pick-up your outgoing mail on a daily basis and deliver it to a United States Postal Service office.

When performed in conjunction with our first class presort service, Pittsburgh Mailing can seal, meter and barcode your mail before delivering it to the USPS, allowing you to recognize a postage savings, as well as avoiding the costs of expensive meter leasing.

Interoffice transportation

Pittsburgh Mailing's reliable couriers can provide timely deliveries of small packages and freight on a scheduled basis, at any time of day or night. Couriers can deliver between branch locations, suppliers, customers or any other service necessary.

Inbound mail service

Working with the United States Postal Service, Pittsburgh Mailing can, in most cases, arrange for you to receive your incoming mail much earlier than it arrives via your mail carrier. Depending upon your location, some customers can receive their mail as early as 7 a.m.

Bank deposits

Pittsburgh Mailing is experienced in making bank deposits for our customers and can perform this service on a daily basis. Pittsburgh Mailing can also make lock box pick-ups and deliveries to and from large bank lock box departments. For the drivers' safety, however, we do not transfer any cash.

Transportation outsourcing

Pittsburgh Mailing can deliver your items and materials to their final destination, eliminating the cost of maintaining a large transportation fleet. Pittsburgh Mailing has experience delivering payrolls, education materials and many other items daily, or as needed.

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