Green Policy
Green Policy
Green Policy

Pittsburgh Mailing takes the current conditions of the environment very seriously. Giant steps have been taken to help reduce the environmental impact of our mailing and printing processes.

Pittsburgh Mailing uses eco-friendly inks and solvents and recycles all paper clippings, which are bailed and sent to paper mills to be recycled into products including napkins and some printable papers.

Pittsburgh Mailing is proud to be a member of the National Resources Defense Council, Conservation International, and Earth Share, among others.

More Services

Pittsburgh Mailing's machinery features some of the most advanced technology available today to meet your printing, presorting, folding, sealing, and insertion needs.


Pittsburgh Mailing can personalize and image your letters, including spot color for signatures or image full-color logos.


Pittsburgh Mailing's couriers can pick-up your outgoing mail and deliver it to a United States Postal Service office, or deliver small packages between branch locations, suppliers, and/or customers.

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