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For more than 30 years, Pittsburgh Mailing has been the one-stop shop for servicing the direct mail, laser printing, data entry and transportation needs of clients in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Pittsburgh Mailing offers one-on-one attention and respects the integrity of its clients' mail, mailing lists, and data.

Pittsburgh Mailing is licensed by the United States Postal Service to perform National Change of Address (NCOA) processes, as well as on-site postal verification. We are staffed with experienced account and customer service representatives to assist you in whatever your print and mail needs may be, from finding and utilizing postage discounts to presort services to insert and address services.

For the best direct mail services in Pittsburgh, choose Pittsburgh Mailing!

Our Pre-Sort Services

Pittsburgh Mailing has also been the one-stop shop for servicing the pre-sort mail, direct mail, laser printing, data entry and transportation needs of clients in the greater Pittsburgh area and beyond.

Pittsburgh Mailing offers one-on-one attention and respects the integrity of its clients' mail, mailing lists, and data.

Reasons why you should choose Pittsburgh Mailing for your mailing needs:

What We Offer

Pittsburgh Mailing's advanced facilities offer pre-sort services for the following types of mail pieces:

  • Financial Institution materials (statements, account balance, etc)
  • Various Direct Mail pieces (retail, goods & services)
  • Invoices (utilities, medical billing, etc)
  • Political Mailings
  • Tax Mailings (W2's, local municipality tax processing instructions)

Our modern mail processing unit is certified by the USPS (United States Postal Service) and contains state of the art equipment that reads addresses, regardless of how it is applied to the mail piece (hand written, affixed label or computer generated), applies Intelligent Mail Barcoding and then sorts the mail article by ZIP code and co-mingled with other mail to reduce postage related expenses and improve handling times. All of this helps our customers recognize cost savings and ensure faster in home delivery.

Pittsburgh Mailing's vast Pre-Sort offerings include:

  • Standard Letter Size Envelopes
  • Various Flat Sized Envelopes
  • First Class Mail
  • Standard Class Mail

Pittsburgh Mailing's Commingling offerings include:

  • Utilization of the USPS' prestigious MPTQM (Mail Preparation Total Quality Management) process to ensure compliance
  • Sorting and commingling by zip code to recognize maximum volume discounts and reduce postage related costs

Value Added Benefits offered by Pittsburgh Mailing:

  • Flexible daily pick up of pre-sort mail based on your schedule
  • Dedicated Customer Service Representatives
  • Account Management Services

Other Mail Services

Pittsburgh Mailing offers a wide array of services to assist your organization. Our offerings include:

  • Printing and mailing of direct mail campaign pieces
  • Survey Data Compilation Services
  • Laser Printing and Mail Preparation
  • Statement and Invoice Processing
  • Disaster Recovery Services for 3rd Parties
  • Full Fulfillment Service Capabilities
  • Letter shop Services
  • Customer Facing Package Assembly Services, including insertion and mailing


Pittsburgh Mailing's mission is to provide consistent, superior quality services to always satisfy the most stringent requirements of our clients, thus building customer confidence in the entire Pittsburgh Mailing family of services.


Pittsburgh Mailing was founded by Fred F. Smallhoover in 1983. The company's first offices for its three employees were located in a pizza shop in the West End.

Eventually, the business moved to a larger basement location in Carnegie, and then in 1988, moved to a warehouse on Mansfield Avenue in Green Tree.

Today, Pittsburgh Mailing is under the leadership of company president Kurt Smallhoover and vice president Fred M. Smallhoover. The company is headquartered in Stowe Township, with a combined square footage of 100,000. Pittsburgh Mailing employs approximately 190 people and has reached more than $12 million in revenue over the past three years.


Pittsburgh Mailing began simply with one machine and a lot of sweat equity. Our success over the years is testimony to our "can do" attitude. A strong commitment to our clients and their goals is what motivates us to set our standard of excellence higher each year.

The integrity of our clients' data, printed material and, ultimately, the mail piece, is our top priority. Doing the job right is the key factor in our success. Once a job enters the system, many quality control checks take place in every department. Excellent quality service has been, and always will be, the cornerstone of Pittsburgh Mailing.

Our ongoing successful partnership with the United States Postal Service (USPS) is based on our distinctive ability to provide quality, accurate and compliant mail into the national mail stream. We mail more than 150 million pieces annually. Through our strong relationship with the USPS, we are able to remain at the forefront of the mailing and printing technologies that our clients need to be most efficient.

Communication is essential to our success. We have continued the open door policy with our employees that our founders created. That guiding principle enhances teamwork, boosts productivity and creates a more supportive working environment. Communication is key with our clients as well. We encourage questions and offer explanations so everyone understands what is needed for a smooth, successful direct mail experience.

The vital combination of integrity, partnership, and communication provides the foundation of Pittsburgh Mailing. For more than 30 years, the practice of these principles has expanded the company from a single machine operation to multiple locations, millions of pieces of mail, and hundreds of satisfied clients.

We are proud of where we came from, and are excited to keep moving forward.

"Pittsburgh Mailing is professional and responsive, which is why Mt. Lebanon Municipality has worked with them for many years. They handle Mt. Lebanon Magazine as if it is their most important job. And when we occasionally run into problems with deadlines, everyone there pitches in to get our magazine to the post office, and thus to our readers, on time."
- Susan Fleming Morgans, Editor-in-Chief, mtl magazine
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Kurt Smallhoover

New Postage Rates
With the new postage rates effective Monday, January 21, 2018, Pittsburgh Mailing is ready to respond with their postal software. We can provide you with the lowest rates allowed by the USPS. Call us today for a postage comparison and take advantage of the savings we can offer you!
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Rule change effective January 5, 2013
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