Mail Tracking

Mail Tracking
With Pittsburgh Mailing's mail tracking capability, you can now follow your mail pieces through the postal system. Track as few pieces or as many pieces as you want from the time they enter the USPS system until they are delivered to the final destination. Use the tracking process to anticipate call center activity, schedule follow-up action, or just get a better handle on delivery time. The tracking process is done using the IMb, so no additional information is required from you. Detailed reports are available via the Web or e-mail. Tracking your mail can provide you with the flexibility to meet a variety of operational and marketing needs. Contact a representative at Pittsburgh Mailing for more information and to track your next mailing.

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Pittsburgh Mailing takes the current conditions of the environment very seriously. Giant steps have been taken to help reduce the environmental impact of our mailing and printing processes.


Pittsburgh Mailing can personalize and image your letters, including spot color for signatures or image full-color logos.


Pittsburgh Mailing's couriers can pick-up your outgoing mail and deliver it to a United States Postal Service office, or deliver small packages between branch locations, suppliers, and/or customers.

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