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Requirements / Qualifications

In order to receive discounted postage, all address lists must be updated within 95 days of the actual mailing date. The United States Postal Service has multiple ways to ensure this requirement has been met:

NCOALink: Pittsburgh Mailing remotely accesses the database of the most up-to-date change-of-address information from a licensed provider.

Address Change Service (ACS™): Provides a cost-effective method of updating change-of-address information to participating mailers and requires a modification in the mailing label format.

For more specific information about this service, contact Pittsburgh Mailing or the USPS.

Ancillary Service Endorsements (ACE): Adding text to the outside of the mailing envelope can help ensure that each mail piece is delivered properly when it is labeled as undeliverable as addressed (UAA). Endorsements include:

  • Return service requested
  • Address service requested
  • Change service requested
  • Temp-return service requested

These endorsements can be placed above the delivery address block, to the left of the postage area, below the return address area, or below the postage area.

For more specific information and instructions about ACE, contact Pittsburgh Mailing.

FASTForward®: Pittsburgh Mailing is a licensed service provider for the Postal Service's FASTForward® Multiline Optical Character Reader (MLCOR), which allows Pittsburgh Mailing access to more than 40 million change-of-address records filed within the past 18 months to verify addresses against the database.

For more specific information about FASTForward®, contact Pittsburgh Mailing.

To learn more about these additional options through the USPS, contact Pittsburgh Mailing.

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