Special Services

Fulfillment (with online inventory reporting)

Pittsburgh Mailing can handle specialized insertion needs, including all highly customizable media kits and/or program kits. Fulfillment is completed by hand to ensure proper presentation of your materials.

For long-term projects, your kit materials can be stored at Pittsburgh Mailing and assembled either on a regular schedule or on an as-needed basis with detailed instructions.

Allow as much time as possible for fulfillment requests as turn-around time will vary by project.

Pittsburgh Mailing can also handle hand fulfillment for invitations, polybags and other components that require special packing and shipping. Contact Pittsburgh Mailing for more information about these and additional fulfillment services.

Pittsburgh Mailing can also supply you with access to your stored inventory via its online inventory reporting system. Once your materials are stored in its warehouse, you'll receive access to your inventory list via the Internet, allowing you to save time and money on your fulfillment jobs by confirming enough material is available on site for your next mailing.

Online billing

Pittsburgh Mailing can not only help you print your customer bills and mail them, but also assist you in presenting your billing in an online format.

With Pittsburgh Mailing's online billing service, you can allow your customers to also view and/or pay their bills on your Web site in a safe, secure environment that works with your current site.

Pittsburgh Mailing will work with you to produce customized bill presentation from concept to testing to implementation, ensuring a seamless transition between the mailing of the printed bills and the electronic presentation of the imaged bills.

The service is both safe and convenient for you and your customers, and will save you both time and money.

For more information about this service, contact Pittsburgh Mailing.

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